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NFL Flag Football Coaches Resources


Fall 2023 Coaches Orientation

Volunteer Coaching Clearances

All volunteer coaches for all leagues and programs are required to secure a free background and child abuse check. 

The clearances are free of charge.

Please send me your clearances if you are a new volunteer or have recently updated any clearances

Here are the instructions to obtain your clearances

PA Volunteer Criminal Background Check

Click "Volunteers Only" check and fee is waiver. You will be provided record check number and option to print clearance. Make sure that you record your record check number and Print hard copy and/or PDF of clearance.

PA Volunteer Child Abuse Clearances

Create Free Individual Account. You will be required to create username and password.

After you create account you must login and submit Application for "Volunteer Having Contact with Children" that is valid for 57 months

Print hard copy and/or Email PDFs of your clearances to League Staff

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